Personal Security & Executive Protection 

Today’s global executives are faced with many corporate and personal risks requiring a high level of security planning and coordination to guarantee safe, efficient, and discreet travel. Moreover, we understand that many clients want personal protection that does not impede their ability to conduct business while on the go. Our experienced and well-trained security operators provide top-quality executive protection services and personal security that is safe, secure, and above all, frictionless.

We are committed to providing the highest level of security and protection to our clients, and even provide executive protection or bodyguard services when necessary. Upon request, we can also arrange for special security services, including armored transport vehicles, motorcade security, executive & diplomatic protection, security escorts, and bodyguards for your safety. 

Our private security drivers are trained in executive protection techniques, surveillance, surveillance detection, counter-surveillance, defensive and evasive driving, First Aid, CPR and anti-ambush procedures. 

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